Worship and Hymnology


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Created For Worship

Noel Due

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Noel Due has produced a hugely important work into the biblical theme of worship, demonstrating the centrality of worship for human existence. He traces the theology of worship in the Bible and shows its significance for all the people of God. There ..

Worship Of God, The


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'The Worship of God' offers an invaluable companion to those seeking to enhance their understanding of the purpose, history and different forms of worship...


Oliver Claassen

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Do we think about worship? In the ‘emerging' generation ‘worship' is something to do with style, rather than substance. A matter of live-and-let-live choice. But pure worship is declaring with our words and lives that God is more important to us than..

Created To Praise

Derek Prime

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Praise is not just confined to worshipping in song in church. In fact as humans we are created to praise! This book covers praise in prayer, trials, everyday life, death and heaven in a chapter dedicated to each subject. Derek Prime writes in a strai..


Page, Nick; Page, Claire

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This book is a readytouse resource for allage worship services on the theme of celebrations. Using a wide range of innovative teaching activities, users will be able to simply and easily put on family services. It includes drama, poetry, prayers, act..

Christian Music

Dowley, Tim

Hard Cover
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A comprehensive guide to Christian music through the centuries...

British Black Gospel

Smith, Steve Alexander

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From the roots and pioneers to today's young talent, the story of a spiritual hunger expressed in fine music...

Red Letter Christians

Campolo, Tony

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This non-partisan book examines many of the hot-button issues facing evangelicals--such as fighting poverty, caring for the environment, advancing peace, promoting strong families, and supporting a consistent ethic of life--from the perspective of Je..

Thanksgiving, Praise And Worship Book

Prince, Derek

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Discover the practical means to incorporate these three aspects of prayer in your approach to God and experience the glorious results.This book is 178 pages...

Wondrous Cross, The

Iain D. Campbell

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The author writes as a minister of a church where the Psalms are sung in the services, not hymns, yet here he takes Isaac Watts' 'When I survey the wondrous cross' as the basis for these chapters. I happily sit at the feet of Isaac Watts; and even if..

Turn Your Radio On

Collins, Ace

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These fascinating stories are all about how the best loved gospel songs came to be written...

Praise And Worship Team Instant Tune-Up, The

Flather, Douglas; Flather, Tam

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An easy-to-understand resource that provides straightforward, practical advice on ways to upgrade a music team's sound and ministry, written for both volunteer and staff worship leaders and musicians who use contemporary Christian music...

Tozer On Worship And Entertainment

Tozer, A. W.; Snyder, James L.

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"We are saved to worship God. All that Christ has done for us in the past and all that He is diong now leads to this one end." -- A. W. Tozer Tozer had strong convictions about the subject of worship, as well as its corruption by what he called "the ..

Lord Manifest Before Us

Canada, Mark

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Does Your Worship Invite the Presence of God? The goal of every church worship service should be to experience the presence of God. If we passionately adhere to biblical principles of worship and give God an open window to respond, we will witness a..

100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music


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Covering nearly 30 years of music history, this entertaining and informative book brims with interesting details about the songs, plus a wealth of fascinating behind-the-scenes stories that bring Christian music, its artists, and lyrics alive to read..

Collective Worship With 4-11S

Jaeger, Helen

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Collective Worship with 4-11s is a practical resource for those leading Collective Worship in primary school, whether teachers or church personnel with links to their local school. It contains 50 ten-minute outlines, each based on a key theme and inc..

Forgotten Songs

Van Neste, Ray; Wells, C. Rich

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Christian scholars write to inspire renewed interest in actively praying, reciting, and singing the Psalms in personal and corporate times of worship, citing its biblical basis and historical emphasis...

Perspectives On Christian Worship

Pinson, J. Matthew; Duncan, Li

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For laypersons and church leaders, Perspectives on Christian Worship presents five differing views about worship styles, hoping to determine which is most faithful to Scripture...

Up With Worship

Ortlund, Anne

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Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, pursue God's presence with this updated 'how to' approach to worship--a classic for more than twenty years...

Seven Words Of Worship

Harland, Mike; Moser, Stan

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Seven Words of Worship combines biblical truth, practical application, and inspiring real life stories to clarify the reader’s understanding and living out of worship, focusing the spiritual practice on seven key words: Creation; Grace; Love; Respons..

Doxology And Theology

Boswell, Matt

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Beyond sound equipment and music charts, eleven noted worship leaders from around the United States write about the ministerial part of their work as it relates to the gospel, mission, disciple-making, liturgy, the Trinity, justice, creativity, famil..
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