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The Bible Cure For Kids With Asthma And Allergies

The Bible Cure For Kids With Asthma And Allergies



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More children are being diagnosed with asthma and allergies. Asthma’s and allergies’ association with autoimmune disease and other diet and lifestyle triggers are causing parents to search for alternative methods to help manage or even reverse their child’s symptoms.
A groundbreaking integrative treatment program for asthma and allergies
The Bible Cure for Kids With Asthma and Allergies will provide a comprehensive overview of the condition—their causes, characteristics, and commonalities. The book will highlight groundbreaking integrative treatment programs that include nutrition, supplementation, medication, and detoxification. Readers will discover:
  • How to avoid and allow foods based on nutritional support
  • Definitions of medical terms
  • Modified immunization schedule
  • Health updates and journaling for parents as they monitor their child’s improvements
ISBN: 9781629987118
Charisma House
Product Code: 961865
127 x 8 x 178 mm
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128
Release Date: 03.05.2016
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