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30 Prophecies: One Story

30 Prophecies: One Story

How God’s Word Points to Jesus



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On an afternoon 2,000 years ago, a couple of friends were walking to Jerusalem. A very ordinary–looking man joined them and asked what they were talking about. This was a strange question as one event had dominated most people’s conversations that weekend: the execution of Jesus of Nazareth. However, the ordinary–looking man was not as clueless as they first thought… “beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself”. You see, their fellow–traveler wasn’t just a random guy – he was Jesus himself. This book will take us into that conversation Jesus had with Cleopas and his friend and what he was trying to help them understand. It will take us on a tour of some of what “Moses and all the Prophets” said about Jesus. Who were they talking to? What did it mean to those people? How was any of it about Jesus? We will look at thirty different places in the Old Testament where you can find a prophecy about Jesus. Each chapter has the following extra features: • Prophet & Dates • Prophecy Made • Then and There • Prophecy Fulfilled • Scarlet Thread • Application • Prayer
ISBN: 9781527104280
Christian Focus Publications
Product Code: 10064290
Binding: Hard Cover
Release Date: 08.11.2019
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