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Spurgeon on the Psalms, Book Three

Spurgeon on the Psalms, Book Three

Psalm 51 through Psalm 79

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Book 3 of this very popular series by Charles H. Spurgeon takes a fresh look at Psalms. Spurgeon loved the Book of Psalms, and this is clearly revealed in his writing about them. For example, he wrote the following about Psalm 51: “Often I sat down to it, and rose up again without having penned a line. It is a bush burning with fire, yet not consumed, and out of it a voice seemed to cry to me, ‘Draw not nigh hither, put off thy shoes from off thy feet’ (Exodus 3:5). More and more is the conviction forced upon my heart that every man must traverse the territory of the Psalms himself if he would know what a goodly land they are. Happy is he who for himself knows the secret of the Psalms.” Spurgeon on the Psalms, Book 3 will help the reader to discover some of God’s secrets that are “hidden” in the Psalms. The “goodly land” of the Psalms is a wonderful place to explore. This volume will instill within the reader a deep sense of spiritual peace and a deeper insight and understanding of the love of God. The reader will be encouraged to look to Him for guidance, encouragement, and an abundance of everything that is available to us through Jesus Christ.


ISBN: 9781610361453
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Binding: Paperback
Release Date: 15.09.2015
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