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Soaking Encounter Journal

Soaking Encounter Journal

An Interactive Journaling Experience with the Holy Spirit



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In our relationship with God, there is a time to battle and there is a time to rest. There is a time to arise and fight, and there is a time to lean back in the Holy Spirit's wonderful, refreshing presence. For decades, pastor and revival leader Carol Arnott has been leading believers into powerful encounters with the Spirit of God through soaking prayer. In this interactive Soaking Encounter Journal, you will be able to write down and record the revelations that the Holy Spirit shares with you during times of soaking prayer. Featuring helpful prompts and journaling invitations, you will learn how to rest in the Holy Spirit's presence and hear His voice like never before. In these powerful moments with God, you are positioned to receive supernatural wisdom, revelation, insight, direction, clarity, and healing!
ISBN: 9780768454765
Destiny Image, Inc.
Product Code: 10068110
178 x 13 x 228 mm
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128
Release Date: 21.01.2020
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