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No Barrier Too Great

No Barrier Too Great

The True Story of Two Romanian Christians Who Triumphed Over Enormous Opposition and Suffering



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On the morning of 22nd December 1989, Cornel Lemnariu watched from a small hospital balcony overlooking Bucharest's Palace Square as it was filling with demonstrators. As the protesting crowds gathered in Romania's capital, Cornel initially didn't know that he was witnessing the start of a revolution. The fall of Communism had a great impact on every aspect of life for the country's population. It would also have a profound effect on Cornel who was severely handicapped due to a debilitating chronic illness. He lived in a small village that no one in the outside world had heard of. His faith and hope in God remained strong through years of suffering and rejection. In an amazing way, God intervened and changed everything for Cornel, and when a pretty young woman, Catalina, stood against her culture and violent opposition to express love and compassion for him, both of their lives were changed dramatically.
ISBN: 9781788155557
Onwards & Upwards Publishing
Product Code: 10070034
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 100
Release Date: 01.01.2020
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