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What the Bible Says to Abuse Survivors

What the Bible Says to Abuse Survivors

And Those Who Hurt Them

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Pastors and church personnel often struggle to apply intentional and appropriate doses of both biblical grace and stringent accountability to victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse. Churches can regularly be prone to turn the tables on survivors by applying a heavy dosage of conviction to victims and misguided clemency toward perpetrators. The mishandling of abuse incidents in the church will drive victims away from the community of Christ and further embolden offenders, thus debasing the name of our Saviour. Victor Vieth offers a deeper understanding of both abuser and victim dynamics so that church leaders can move past ignorance and prevailing myths to tackle this devastating issue with the power of grace and truth afforded by the good news of Jesus. He explains typical dynamics of how and when child sexual abuse is reported, gives an overview of dynamics of child molesters, and describes healing ways to represent Jesus to survivors. This timely resource will equip churches to wisely and accurately step in to take care of its most vulnerable members.


ISBN: 9781945270628
New Growth Press
Product Code: 10066990
Binding: Booklet
Number of pages: 24
Release Date: 20.09.2019
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