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Generation Distinct

Generation Distinct

Discover the Wrong You Were Born to Make Right



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Do you want to make a difference in the world? Whether you plan to stay local and reach people in your school or work, be a change-maker among your friends, help refugees and serve people in need, or travel to a third-world country to bring good news, Generation Distinct will help you build a missional strategy so that your difference-making dreams become a reality. Generation Distinct is the anthem for Gen Z, calling you to abolish cultural complacency, unleash lasting social justice, and join the wild Christian adventure Jesus invites you to live. Join movement maker Hannah Gronowski as she shares honestly and authentically about how to break free from generational stereotypes and follow the footsteps of Jesus’ world-changing story. You will discover how to • own your potential • live out your passion • find your tribe of people to join in a movement toward change, and • live distinct, trailblazing a new way of intentional living. Open up the pages of this book and you won’t find a lecture or a “how to” guide. Instead, Hannah will walk alongside you, sharing her own stories of searching for adventure and meaning and pointing the way toward the fulfillment we all long for.
ISBN: 9781641581714
Tyndale House Publishers
Product Code: 10072174
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: 15.09.2020
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