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The Masters Indwelling

The Masters Indwelling

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We often hear about the compromise life and the question comes up What lies at the root of it? What is the reason that so many Christians are wasting their lives in the terrible bondage of the world instead of living in the manifestation and the privilege and the glory of the child of God? And another question perhaps comes to us: What can be the reason that when we see a thing is wrong and strive against it we cannot conquer it? What can be the reason that we have a hundred times prayed and vowed, yet here we are still living a mingled, divided, half-hearted life? To those two questions there is one answer: it is self that is the root of the whole trouble.


ISBN: 9781618980519
Reformed Church Publications
Product Code: 10048560
152 x 6 x 229 mm
Weight: 148.000kg
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 92
Release Date: 13.11.2015
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