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When I Saw Him

When I Saw Him



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“In the opening chapters of the Book of Revelation the Apostle John tells us how on the Isle of Patmos he was given an awesome vision of the Lord Jesus, risen from the dead. Then John says, ‘When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead.’ He tells us not only the vision itself, but the profound effect it had on him. It utterly prostrated him before the Lord until He came and laid His right hand on him and said ‘Fear not.’” — ROY HESSION If we are ever to come to a place of revival, we need to see the Lord as He really is: reigning resplendent in glory and holiness. It is only then that we will see ourselves as we really are and so see our great need. In this profound book, Roy Hession looks at three men and a group of men, and the effect that a new vision of the Lord had upon them. “I had the joy of a close friendship with Roy Hession and saw him putting into practice the message of his books. He is now with the Lord but his message is as relevant as ever.” – GEORGE VERWER (Founder of Operation Mobilisation) Roy Hession’s first book, The Calvary Road, has been an international best-seller, with well over a million copies sold.
ISBN: 9781905044214
Rickfords Hill Publishing
Product Code: 554915
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: 27.07.2010
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