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Vineyard Values: Worship Values

Vineyard Values: Worship Values



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Worship in the Vineyard is profoundly more than the execution of music. Our worship together involves the invitation to experience intimacy with the living God. The invitation is to come as you are, rather than labouring under false pretences. We come as we are, and God comes as he is: the King of kings. As his Spirit moves among us, he fans the flames of our passion, leading us to worship him beyond our gatherings, with every part of our lives. These ideas are what we call our worship values - intimacy, integrity, Kingdom expectation, passion, and accessibility. These values shape what we do when we worship and how we do it - but they do not dictate what we do or how we do it; their concern is more with the why. This new Vineyard Worship booklet will enrich the theological and practical understanding of our values for leaders throughout the Vineyard, but especially worship leaders and worship teams.
Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland
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Release Date: 09.03.2020
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